COVID-19 Resources for Science Teachers

In an effort to support our members during school disruptions due to COVID-19, STAT is providing this robust tool that will grow over time with member-submitted resources. This database is searchable by subject area, grade level and keyword. If you would like to share helpful digital resources (website, platform, lessons, games, activities, etc.), please complete and submit the following form:

Share an Online Resource

Submitted resources should be available to members at no cost or include a free week-plus trial without a required commitment. This is not a platform for commercial sales. Please let our staff know immediately ([email protected]) if resources accessed through this site violate these expectations. We will continue to update this page daily.


Please note: The sharing of resources in these platforms—whether on the STAT website or in the STAT community—does not constitute a formal endorsement by STAT nor indicates formal, thorough vetting by STAT leadership. All members are strongly encouraged to use professional discretion before utilizing any resource shared or accessed. Additionally, members should defer to local school district policies and guidelines related to "free" or "trial" materials and also to local expectations for content delivery. Educators and parents should always exercise extreme discretion when sharing resources with students.