Science TEKS Review Tracking Guide

Where Are We With the Science TEKS Revision Process?


Work Group



Anticipated Timeline

Elementary/Middle School TEKS (K–8)

Work Groups C, E, F

TEKS have been approved by the SBOE  

Science TEKS Review Final Recommendations, K–8 (PDF, 1229KB)

Approved by SBOE: December 1, 2021

Other HS Courses (Aquatic Science, Astronomy, Earth Science Systems [formerly titled Earth and Space Science], Environmental Systems and Specialized Topics in Science)

Work Group D

TEKS have been approved by the SBOE  

Work Group D Final Recommendations (PDF, 284KB)


Approved by SBOE: June 25, 2020

High School (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IPC)

Work Group B

TEKS have been Adopted by the SBOE

Text of 19 TAC Chapter 112, Subchapter C (PDF, 278KB)

Adopted by SBOE: November 20, 2020

Providing Feedback/Input to TEA

When providing specific comments and recommendations for a work group, please identify the work group in the subject line of the email. For example, in the subject line, please indicate "Science TEKS Review Work Group C Feedback." Please submit comments to TEA at [email protected]

Science TEKS Revision Work Group Participants

The SBOE's process calls for multiple, separate work groups. Nominations to serve on TEKS review work groups will be made throughout the review process. The following list includes individuals appointed by the SBOE to serve on the Science TEKS Review work groups:

Additional Work Groups Convened to Inform the Science TEKS Revision Process

Work Group: Scientific and Engineering Practices
The Scientific and Engineering Practices Work Group reconvened in July 2020 to address SBOE guidance and finalize recommendations. The work group's final recommendations are provided below. The document indicates changes from the June 2020 draft.

Scientific and Engineering Practices Work Group Final Recommendations—July 2020 (PDF, 298KB)

Work Group A: Planning for Review
Work Group A met in February 2020 to identify key areas and recurring topics from feedback collected related to the TEKS review process, including SBOE guidance to work groups, content advisor consensus recommendations, and the results of the Science TEKS Review Survey (December 2019–January 2020). The work group was charged with developing recommendations for how subsequent science TEKS review work groups could address the feedback received. Work Group A's recommendations are provided below. Click on the item to download the PDF.

Work Group A Recommendations (PDF, 224 KB)

Science Education TEKS Review Content Advisors

Information related to the SBOE-nominated content advisors for the science TEKS review is available on the Science TEKS Review Content Advisors web page.