Where We Are With the Review Process

  • Science K-12 is part of Proclamation 2023; proclamations are named for the year the materials are available in the classroom. (link to TEA Proclamation)

  • The SBOE started the Science TEKS review in January 2020, with the goal of finishing by November 2020; with the adoption of revised TEKS planned for the 2020-21 school year. Due to COVID-19, the process has been delayed and the schedule will likely be adjusted to accommodate the disruption. Review the current schedule here.

  • The TEKS Review and Revision will follow a robust, detailed process that will consist of multiple steps and involve a number of stakeholders and we are just at the beginning. For a deep dive into the process, you can review this document.

  • The SBOE named content advisors to lead the TEKS Review and Revision. More information about the role of the content advisors is noted in the FAQ. Meet the SBOE appointed content advisors here.

  • CURRENTLY, WE ARE HERE: The next step is to identify and convene a series of work groups and the SBOE is now accepting applications for science TEKS review work groups. Work Group A has completed its work and Work Group B is currently in process. The SBOE's TEKS review and revision process call for multiple, separate work groups. Nominations to serve on TEKS work groups will be made throughout the TEKS review process. Learn more about the work groups and the application process here.