STAT Guide to the Implementation of the New Science TEKS

The Revised Science TEKS have been formally adopted and will be implemented in Fall 2024. As your professional association, STAT was active in providing input and feedback during the revision process and is proud of the direction the new TEKS will provide to teachers and students as the STAT community works to advance science teaching and learning in Texas. 

STAT is actively supporting and participating in the Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) process in an effort to ensure quality materials and resources are developed and available to Texas science educators.

What You Need to Know

The Revised Science TEKS (to be implemented in 2024) include:

STAT is pleased to note that A Framework for K–12 Science Education was carefully considered during the adoption of the Revised Science TEKS, allowing for a three-dimensional approach to how we teach science in Texas. This led to the development of the recurring themes and concepts (RTCs), scientific and engineering practices (SEPs), and the content found in the TEKS above. Start learning your SEPs, recurring themes and concepts, and content now.

Proclamation 2024 is underway. The proclamation serves as a notice to publishers, the public, and education service centers (ESCs) that the State Board of Education (SBOE) is inviting bids to furnish instructional materials for courses, including the revised Science TEKS.

Additionally, Texas Education Agency (TEA) is currently accepting nominations for standards-alignment state review panels that will determine whether instructional materials meet the required TEKS. STAT encourages those who are interested to complete the application process.

Implementation is scheduled for Fall 2024 for all of the Revised Science TEKS. In preparation for implementation, TEKS field guides are currently being developed. STAT is participating in this process as well. As your state association, STAT will be communicating the most up-to-date developments when these resources are available to educators and school districts.

Now Available! New TEA Resources for 2024–2025 Science TEKS Implementation

TEA's Curriculum Standards and Student Support Division has published the following resources to support educators in understanding the revised science TEKS: 

  • 2017–2021 TEKS Side by Side Documents
  • K–12 Vertical Alignment Documents

To access these resources, click here and then scroll down to the "2020–2021 New Science TEKS Resources" section.

TEA notes the full TEKS Guide will be released during the summer of 2024.

STAT will continue to help lead statewide Science TEKS implementation efforts through professional learning opportunities and partnerships with TEA, ESCs, and Affiliate organizations.

These efforts will include ensuring STAT’s voice is heard during state review panels assessing instructional materials submitted under Proclamation 2024 and incorporate professional development initiatives to help guide you in successful implementation of the revised TEKS, including sessions dedicated to the TEKS revision at the upcoming Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST), November 9–11 in Houston.

STAT’s goal is to ensure you are prepared to implement and teach the new TEKS successfully. To that end, STAT will be providing training and strategies over the coming years.